About us

DK Venture is a Danish trading and distribution company established in 2013

Your Trusted Supplier

DK Venture’s client portfolio is a testament to our dependability, high service standard and commitment to the environment. Due to the nature of our products, we have extensive experience with licensing, as well as safety and product legislation.


At DK Venture we are committed to sustainable consumption. As such, we have labored to find eco-friendly alternatives to common use items. To this end, we have identified a variety of materials that are well suited to address the environmental concerns of the modern world.

Sustainable resources

Materials such as bamboo cotton and plant matter, sustainably sourced wood, renewable silk and charcoal that can be combined to offer not only eco-friendly alternatives to existing products, but items of a higher quality and feel than market leaders. 

Our core values




We want to foster collaborative partnerships to empower each link of the value chain.

We believe in an integrated focus on sustainable business relying on social, environmental and economic values compiled into one mantra for our partner business: growing sustainably together.

We will develop with our partners and our customers to thrive business and drive financial resilience, long-term viability and consistent growth.

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    Ehlersvej 7, 2900 Hellerup, Denmark

    (+45) 28 59 05 33

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